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My first race

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Not what your thinking, this isn't the riding section. I ran my first face this morning, a 5-mile trail run through a living history museum. My goal was 45min, I made it 45:12....I was pretty happy. First time I've made 5 without walking at all, usually run about 3 mile a workout. Ended up 9th in my age group, about 250 runner's over all. Man it was really fun, glad my buddy talked me into it. Winner ran a 26:15 or something :eek: Beer gonna taste good tonight :cheers:

Ok, sorry for braggin....finally comin off that high
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Congrats, fatburg. I started running when I quit smoking. Ran the Bolder Boulder and dozens of other races including two marathons. The first was Steamboat Springs, where the race started at 11,000 ft and went 26 miles to 7,000 ft in Steamboat. I knew I was in trouble when the bus taking us up there broke down. The beginning was so steep, I had to lean back for the first six miles. After that, it was 20 miles of rolling hills. I was the second or third last.

I also ran the New York Marathon. At age 42, I finished in 4:09. That was a fun race. People along the route give you high-fives, orange slices, paper towels, and gum. And you go through all the different ethnic neighborhoods. I grew up there and never knew some areas existed. Now I walk, ride my bicycle, and work out at the gym. Have to stay in shape to ride a sport bike. But, I miss running.
Need4Speed750 said:
do you find that running helps curb ur urge to smoke at all, or are you over that totally
The best way is to go cold turkey. I went from three packs a day to zero. Check out the cigarette in my hand when I was in the service (in "The Real TWF Members Pics" thread). Only took seven years to not think of having one. Now they are gross and disgusting. Just have to be passionate about not smoking. Been 31 years this month without a cig.

The running helped clear out my lungs, and it's good for your heart. Still have legs like a stallion, except for my knees. I used to check out the races and enter all the ones that were sponsored by beer companies. :dthumb: Running always made me thirsty, but now I am into weight training and biking. :luck:
I'm glad you mentioned running here. I dug out my old polypropylene tops and bottoms and wore them under my leathers yesterday when the temp was 42 degrees. Polypro wicks the moisture away from your skin. Great for running or hiking in cold weather. May be the same stuff as that Under Armour, but much cheaper. It felt terrific under my new leather pants.

My leather jacket is perforated, so the wind gets in. But my wife made me a shirt out of wind-block fleece. I was quite toasty. Now if I could keep my shield from fogging up, and keep my feet warm, I'd be all set.
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