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My first race

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Not what your thinking, this isn't the riding section. I ran my first face this morning, a 5-mile trail run through a living history museum. My goal was 45min, I made it 45:12....I was pretty happy. First time I've made 5 without walking at all, usually run about 3 mile a workout. Ended up 9th in my age group, about 250 runner's over all. Man it was really fun, glad my buddy talked me into it. Winner ran a 26:15 or something :eek: Beer gonna taste good tonight :cheers:

Ok, sorry for braggin....finally comin off that high
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Congrats. Did you tell me once before that you were in the service before?? When I was in we used to run 5 and 10k runs all the time. Just asking.

yeah 3 miles a day is great. I used to all the time too but now I don't even come close. I should get back into it and get back in shape and not the round state I am in now. :lol:
bumblebee said:
I remember my first 10K took me 63 minutes and I finished dead last. I was so slow, the ambulance driver that always follows the field got bored and passed me!! I took a lot of sh!^ for it for a long, until I reminded them that I finished and had a posted time in the newspaper! Where was theirs?

Thats all that matters. You finished the race without being picked up and thats it. How many others didn't finish?? Who gave you $hit for taking so long and didn't even run in it. Tell them to try it and then say something. I used to run it all a the time and I know its not that easy. But its alot of fun. :)
Need4Speed750 said:
thats pretty slick! missy's been talking about getting a treadmill and getting alittle more into fitness and stuff.. do you ever run on those?

Threadmills are good and all but getting out and running is better in my eyes. Instead of running in one place and have the abilty to quit when you get tired to quick, running outside is great. You get to see the outdoors and have the fresh air. The scenery is better then looking at the wall anytime. Or the same spot depending on how you have it in the home. Go with running outside. Its cheaper to. :D
fatburg said:
Mighty good points, and when your outside and do decide to stop, you have to keep walking or you don't get home...haha

Very true. Thats why I prefer to run outside. Makes you have to atleast walk back to get home and some point your going to run or jog to there faster. Next time you may be able to run longer and keep building up. :)
3BoyzNaBike said:
Babe, running from the car to the porch when it is raining does not count. :whistle: :wink: :lol:

Snap. I will give you that one. But I was refering to how I was in my past and used to run. :)
Need4Speed750 said:
yeah true, but who wants to run in 10 degree snowy rainy thanks.

Run'll warm up. LOL :D
Need4Speed750 said:
do you find that running helps curb ur urge to smoke at all, or are you over that totally? Thats really cool about finishing the marathon like that man, congrats!!!!

I know a few ppl that smoke and some that smoke alot. When I used to have them run with me they were dying on me. Of course this is at the begining and all. Over time you will find yourself not as winded and doing better then before. Its going to take some time to get passed that point when you first start. You thinking of starting to run. I'll run with you and help you out. :D
No Worries said:
The best way is to go cold turkey. I went from three packs a day to zero. Check out the cigarette in my hand when I was in the service (in "The Real TWF Members Pics" thread). Only took seven years to not think of having one. Now they are gross and disgusting. Just have to be passionate about not smoking. Been 31 years this month without a cig.

The running helped clear out my lungs, and it's good for your heart. Still have legs like a stallion, except for my knees. I used to check out the races and enter all the ones that were sponsored by beer companies. :dthumb: Running always made me thirsty, but now I am into weight training and biking. :luck:

WOW :eek: Thats amazing. Congrats on that. Think of all the money you have saved over the years as well. :dthumb:

Running is going to clear out the lungs. Its some nasty $hit that comes out of there for ppl first doing this and seeing what is really in there. :puke: LOL
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