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My first race

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Not what your thinking, this isn't the riding section. I ran my first face this morning, a 5-mile trail run through a living history museum. My goal was 45min, I made it 45:12....I was pretty happy. First time I've made 5 without walking at all, usually run about 3 mile a workout. Ended up 9th in my age group, about 250 runner's over all. Man it was really fun, glad my buddy talked me into it. Winner ran a 26:15 or something :eek: Beer gonna taste good tonight :cheers:

Ok, sorry for braggin....finally comin off that high
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GSXR750DJ said:
Very true. Thats why I prefer to run outside. Makes you have to atleast walk back to get home and some point your going to run or jog to there faster. Next time you may be able to run longer and keep building up. :)
Babe, running from the car to the porch when it is raining does not count. :whistle: :wink: :lol:
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