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My first race

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Not what your thinking, this isn't the riding section. I ran my first face this morning, a 5-mile trail run through a living history museum. My goal was 45min, I made it 45:12....I was pretty happy. First time I've made 5 without walking at all, usually run about 3 mile a workout. Ended up 9th in my age group, about 250 runner's over all. Man it was really fun, glad my buddy talked me into it. Winner ran a 26:15 or something :eek: Beer gonna taste good tonight :cheers:

Ok, sorry for braggin....finally comin off that high
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I remember my first 10K took me 63 minutes and I finished dead last. I was so slow, the ambulance driver that always follows the field got bored and passed me!! I took a lot of sh!^ for it for a long, until I reminded them that I finished and had a posted time in the newspaper! Where was theirs?
fatburg said:
Hey bee, it's all about being out there doin it whether it takes you 30 min or 60 min. When your done, you definatly feel like you've accomplished something and no one can take that away.
You are right there!! My first one was on a Memorial Day Weekend...I got so motivated that I trained for the Labor day 10K and I cut 7 minutes off my time!! and 2 people finished after me!! Now THAT made me feel good!!
fatburg said:
But the big problem is ever minute I'm working out is time I can't I guess it's good it's winter.
See, now here is a man with the right priorities!! I have given up most of my other hobbies to ride. I had almost forgotten the pure thrill of riding. I can't believe I wasted all those years riding the HD. Every day I turn on the weather channel to see the afternoon forecast so I know how far I can go after work and before "the adult responsibilities" are required. My days are revolving around riding and my life is becoming simpler and happier.
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