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My Katana 600

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I bought this bike last year from a friend who was moving. He had the paint done, but also did some work himself. He removed the stickers, got rid of the awful looking rear license plate bracket/turn signal monstrosity, replaced the oversized ends on the grips, lowered the bike, and always took good care of it. Originally, he had installed the VERY small, clear turn signals on the rear, but I found that people couldn't see them. I put a slightly larger amber turn signal on the rear which can be seen much better, but still doesn't look bad on the bike. This is my first sportbike and I've enjoyed it over the past year. I am taking my time and will upgrade whenever I feel that I've outgrown this bike (although I really love the look of this one). I am fairly confident on the bike and I am going to a track day/instruction course this Sunday (listed in the Midwest section). I hope to both learn and contribute to this forum.

I'm attaching pics of the bike as it came new, and also attaching current pics.

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From one Kat rider to another....SWEET RIDE man!!! nice :thumbs:
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