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my opinion on first bike

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I know many people r goin to disagree, but in my opinion anything less than 600cc is a waste of money. I started on a 600 and it wasnt too powerful. I have a lot of friends who started on 750's and it was no big deal. If your worried about dropping it just buy something a little older and cheaper. I just think if you buy something under a 600 u will be disapointed and stuck with it when you try to sell it. Remember when ur buying a bike a good thing to keep in mind is at some point ur going to sell it. So you want something that appeals to other people as well as yourself. Just thought i would share this with everyone
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600 not too powerfull. ????????? hum lap times between th 1000cc class and the 600 class are a second of a difference. well what kind of experience have you ever had on a motorcycle. some ppl are going out and buying 600cc and 1000cc race bikes as thre first motorcycle ever. but i do agree with the 500cc bikes being a waste of money for me and some ppl but i know if my GF was buying a bike you better believe is is getting a 500 or less.
bull on a liter bike. lol
i bet an actuall 600cc race bike like a ninja, or gixxer or r6 would feel like a liter bike compared to ur sv.

dont you see that liter bikes are not all there cracked up to be, i mean yeah there fast but take twisty for example, didnt he just buy a new R6
ok a couple of years i can live with and the sv. i was thinking you wanted to get a gixxer 1k next year. lol

if you wanna do wheelies, no matter what bike you have, you have to gear it.
pretty far. lol dont know but i do like the orange one with the full fairings, my step fater was gonna get one. but he ended up with a zx12r.

you wanna talk about power wheelie OMFG can a 12r power wheelie.
take it to the whore.
lol you jsut did some nice BS post whoring yourself by posting in here. LMAO
no i wouldent let her get anything over a 500 casue she was never on 2 wheels
when i was 9 i had and 80cc dirtbike lol. then my next step was an xt500 at age 12 and a yz250 at 14.

yes my 636 is my first bike.

but technically my first bike was a HUFFY. lmfao it had 2 leg HP
nobody said gender was but she barley even rode a bicycle as a kid and she has never drivin anythign with a clutch. her on a 636 woudl be suicide.
Gas Man said:
Well a person should be able to drive a stick shift car first before thinking about riding a bike!
i sorta agree with this. driving a stick car gives you a good feel of how a clutch works. on the other hand i knew how to drive clutch on a bike way b4 i was even allowed to drive. adn i also never had a car that was automatic. automatic takes the fun out of everything.
1 - 9 of 42 Posts
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