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my opinion on first bike

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I know many people r goin to disagree, but in my opinion anything less than 600cc is a waste of money. I started on a 600 and it wasnt too powerful. I have a lot of friends who started on 750's and it was no big deal. If your worried about dropping it just buy something a little older and cheaper. I just think if you buy something under a 600 u will be disapointed and stuck with it when you try to sell it. Remember when ur buying a bike a good thing to keep in mind is at some point ur going to sell it. So you want something that appeals to other people as well as yourself. Just thought i would share this with everyone
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My first and currenty bike ever is an 04 R6 and I'm just REALLY getting used to the power in and out of turns. My strips are getting smaller and smaller. the only thing that makes me want a 1000 is the top end speed. I know top speed doesn't happen a lot but when you're at or near your top speed and a 1000 comes blastin by it makes you want one. It happened to me buddy just bought an 04 GSX-R 1000. He was waiting for me to take off. I dropped down to 5th and gunned it, but he was in 4th just waiting for me to gun it. he smoked my ass big time. I'm still pissed about it. When we finally got to Valley of fire I was way out in front of him and i felt a little better. We'll see what happens when he gets use to the handling though.
Gas Man said:
Well a person should be able to drive a stick shift car first before thinking about riding a bike!
Or at least play Gran Tourismo in automatic mode. :)
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