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My Ride To Work Day forecast

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97% chance of rain at 7am.

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for tomorrow: Mostly sunny and hot, becoming less humid in the afternoon. Winds from the NW at 6 mph. High: 90° F RealFeel: 95° F
Earlzach said:
Is it tomorrow?
I would say this thread is for tomorrow..since tomorrow is wed and 14th annual ride to work day...also Shan wrote the thread at 6:10 p., and he said his forcast is 97% chance of rain at 7am..
Earlzach said:
Oh, First off I didnt miss it. Second of all, I am off tomorrow!! Cool. But I'll ride some for ya's if the weather gives me a rain break.
I have enough water in my apartment to say its going to rain tomorrow :lol: I wish I was off all day tomorrow so I could ride since I just got the bike out of the shop today. I have a long 3 mile 5 minute ride to work tomorrow :lol:
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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