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my SV may be up for sale!!

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my SV is up for sale!!

Ok guys... as most of you know I have been wanting to upgrade to a new bike for a while now. I am seriuosly thinking of selling my 2000 SV650. I can't believe I am actually posting this up... :cry:
My SV has alot of mods on it. Full Yoshimura race exhaust, Fox raceing 300 psi shock, K&N air filter, stage 3 jet kit, carbon fiber turn signals, rear seat cowl, fender eliminator kit, napolian folding bar end mirrors, APC head light bulb also have the spare, frame sliders, bobin spools for rear stand, CF Motorsports rear sets, and a new chain. Custom marbalized blue paint with blue flake. I do have a few scratches on the bike, but nothing major.
I also have all the OEM parts including service manual that will go along with the bike except the factory exhaust. Also a spare gas tank is included.
I still have alot of the receipts for the upgrades. I keep a maitanence log for all service work as well. I do tune ups on a regualar basis. I just had the SV in the shop for service to check the valves and cams/chain. The suzuki master techs couldn't believe how little wear there was on this engine with 19k on it. They don't even make a shim small enough to make adjustments.
I would like to see $3500.00 or so out of this bike(OBO). It is priced a little below blue book. But look at all the money in mods I have in it which I am takeing a huge loss here. If you are interested let me know by email email 1 or email 2 , or PM.

You can also see pics of the bike on my web page also My web page
You can also view bigger pics of the bike in my member gallery or by clicking "My TwoWheel photos" under my name.
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Gas Man said:
So is it or not?

And what are you planning on getting in replacement?
Yes I have decided it is for sale...I am planning on getting a used gixxer 600 or R6 for the time being until I can see the R1 in 2007.
Gas Man said:
Switching to the dark side or inline 4's!! CONGRADS!!
Thanks!! I love the torquey V-twin and always will, but it's time for a change up in style, and power. I hope she goes quick so I can hurry up and buy another bike before the end of the season...but if not oh well.
Gas Man said:
Gee put this in your sig!! :yikes: Where did you think of that?

:rofl3: The :king: :whore: gave me the idea! :lol:
Need4Speed said:
You dont like the 2006 R1 ? From what I have read and can see in the pics its pretty F'n beastly!! :D
who doesn't like the 06 R1....I love it..
Gas Man said:
I guess it's up for sale piece by piece!

May want to change your sig and get a price list on here... there are lots of SV guys here to buy stuff...
Yup! I just got back from backing everything up in boxes with labels and cleaning up the shop at work.. My work doesn't know it...but the warehouse is my own personal shop! :lol:

I am going to make a new thread for the sale parts, then I will link it in here also.
Here is the Link for my SV parts and prices. Make me a reasonable offer!! Everything must go!Click here
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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