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My wreck/just sharing/opinions needed

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Well, i'm starting this thread for a couple of reasons... 1, just to share... and 2 to help me decide what to do with my bike now!!

Lesson #1.... don't try to keep up with anyone!! Ride at your own comfortable pace!!! (Lesson I learned the hard way!).... Well, last weekend (sunday) i was riding down south in the twisties with some boys. I dont have much trouble keeping up with them in the turns, but on the straight aways, they leave me in their dust. Well, we had some nice straight aways, and they were gone. I had my lil gs up to 100 a couple times right before i went down, so i know i was going pretty fast when i crashed. I was trying to catch up! I came to a turn that i didnt see coming, was going way too fast and not anywhere near set up for it. I've been told that if i would have just leaned it over, it probably would have stuck, but i dont know... i was going pretty fast, and like i said, not set up for the turn. So, my choices.... go straight off into (LUCKILY) the cornfield, or do what i know is a nono and try the brakes. Well, at the speed i was going (w about a 5 ft. decline to the cornfield), my bike would have prob went flipping end over end, leaving me who knows where in the middle. So, i hit the brakes... she slid out real quick... sliding about 20 ft or so in the street and then 20 ft or so in the cornfield. Pics of the bike attatched... me, im ok.... had helmet, chaps, and leather jacket on. Some loose teeth, sore ankle, back and ribs (maybe broken rib) is all i got out of it. (someone is watching over my lil ass!!) Any other turn, and it would have been trees, a guard rail, etc... instead of a cornfield!!

OK... part 2... what to do with the bike now.... opt 1, of course... just fix it and keep or sell it... opt 2 (give me your opinion), turn it into a track bike (make it faster, etc) I would love to get into racing, i know they have 500 classes, and i know i wouldnt go pro on my gs, but is it insane to even go to the trouble?? It's a place to start. I've never been on a track, so.... opt 3... put big sprockets on it and just play!!

Opinions needed!!! Thanks, Nichole
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You can probably find most of the parts on ebay, although I think $150 is a bit on the low side. It depends on how much time you can take to wait for parts at the lowest prices. You'd be surprised how cheap things are on ebay compared to brand new pieces. Of course, if you make it a track bike, then looks won't matter as much and you should be able to fix it cheaper than if you were to fix it up to selling status.

As for the wreck, yeah, sometimes we have to learn the hard way. Depending on the sharpness of the turn, you probably had plenty of time to brake, downshift and lean the bike. By your description, I'm guessing you got on the back brake hard. Hopefully you're using your front brake, some people don't.

True story, a guy that lives across from me bought a bike earlier this summer and was talking about how "bad ass" it is. He and I went riding a couple months ago and he was telling me how he "can't use the front brake because it would lock up at the slightest touch. It has two rotors and dual piston calipers". :rolleyes: I asked him when was the last time he used the front brake. "Oh, I've never used it because it will lock up right away." :rolleyes: I tried telling him that he needs to use the front brake because it's the majority of stopping power for a bike, but he insisted that his front brakes were "too good". So on the way back home, he decides to show me how "bad ass" his bike is and takes off from a light. The light ahead was red and he didn't see it until too late and locked up the back brake, leaving about a 10 yard skid mark. He slid through the intersection. Luckily, nothing was coming. After that, I showed him how to use the front brake and that it won't lock up like he thinks. At least now he uses it, but he had to learn the hard way. I haven't ridden with him since, but I did let him borrow "Total Control". Of course, as stubborn as he is, I doubt he has opened the book.
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Becca, you have to understand that this guy isn't the brightest bulb in the box. He thinks he knows everything, and will let you know that. He can't be taught anything, and didn't even take an MSF course. Just bought a bike and started riding. He's still on a permit.
SuzukiGirlNichole said:
MY PLAN- beginning of spring i'm going to go ride this area all of the time... even if i have to go by myself... ride it easy... and learn the roads!!! I plan on knowing every turn out there next summer! One won't sneak up on me like that again!
Send me a message when you're going to ride. I'll be more than happy to go along. Oh, and glad you're alright and that you want to get back on a bike again.
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