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Neebie! Need help with buying a bike

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Okay I"d like the opinion of some people before I go buy a bike. I've never really rode a bike before. I have only rode a few times and they were all dirt bikes. I'm looking to buy a bike but have no idea what kind of bike. Whats a good beginner sportbike? I'm looking for something thats sporty but also easy to ride for a first rider.

2006 yamaha YZF600R
2006 kawasaki ZZR600
2006 Suzuki Katana 750

are these good beginner bikes or should I be looking for somthing else?

are bikes as reliable as cars?
Whats the most reliable brand outta these sportbikes?

Someone's help would be much appreciated.
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Definately. This has been covered a hundred, thousand, million, billion, trillion, cazillion times so just search for more info. But just look for a used bike so you don't want to kill yourself THAT bad when you first drop it. I picked up a 97 Kawasaki Ninja 600 for 1700. Really good bike to begin with, very forgiving and easy to handle. Still has alot of power too. I can keep up with my buddies 01 gixxer 600 up until about 3rd gear. (then he pulls away like I'm in reverse ;-p )
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