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Need a headache?

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Heck with letting the kids look at it, I'm getting dazed from staring at it. :smilelol:
Need4Speed750 said:
stayed out alittle late last nite at a friends house, and here I sit at work, and came across that my head hurts again.. :lol:

Its ok I come in here to work and have to see you know what that does to my head everyday :D it like :banghead: hehehe
Yeah. It does suck. For what we do, it 24/7 Have to love that. Were going riding later today after work for a bit to help unwind.

On my way home last night I decided to pull off a nice wheelie and I did. Except for coming down. lol Let off the throttle to bring it down and forgot to get back on it as it was lowering and smacked down pretty hard. Heard a little tapping noise and didn't like that very much. So I come in this morning and have Need4Speed750 ride it and see what he hears. I knocked ot a bolt of rivit on the inside front faring. Better then a seal or something. Trust me, I'll be a little more careful next time bring it down.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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