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I know the feeling

I to was thinking the same thing on what bike to get. I have been riding now for over 13yrs and love the sport and the excitment from 2 wheels. I have just recently got a GSXR750 and love it alot. I was thinking of getting the 1000 but I know from past experence that I didn't need that much power under me. My bike was Dyno and I get 131hp at the rear tire. Thats plenty of power for me. It comes up for me if I want it to and brakes great. Between all 3 classes you will see a little of a change. They all 3 do the same thing you want them to do. GO FAST!! :) LOL I will have to say that any of the 3 will do you just fine. You will not be disapponited.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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