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Tires..yep need those. I've been hearing great things about Pilots.

Safety wire...most track days require very little. Oil fill, oil drain plug, oil filter. You can buy predrilled plugs thru lockhart. You can use a big hose clamp on your oil filter or buy a K&N oil filter which comes with a predrilled nut on the end of the filter.

Coolant....Engine Ice...Engine Ice not Purple Ice. If you use water wetter you will have to take it out in the winter if your weather gets too cold.

Tune up is always good. But I do it every year....

Stainless brake lines...very nice but not needed for the track. I would suggest flushing your fluid brake fluid with some good synthetic. Also, a side note, don't put the new lines on unless you have plenty of time to get use to them first before going to the track.

Tape/Mirrors....remove mirrors, tape over all lights. You need to use blue painters tape first. Then if you want to look cool. You can use a colored duct tape...

Frame sliders....should have a set of FS and swing arm sliders on at all times. They save alot of $$ in a crash.


Good leathers...jacket and pants....make sure they zip together. A set of knee pucks would be nice in case you feel like heatin it up.

Back protector...a must at most tracks. This means above and beyond your protector in your jacket. You can find nice ones on ebay.

Gloves...are suppose to be 3/4 length...

Helmet...go composite. Only way to go for track and street.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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