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BGRacing said:
Can any body tell me about how long it takes for manafacture's to come out with after mod's. Besides a canaster, and tires.
sometimes it can take a 1/2 a year +! There is many many many test that need to go thru before they will release the product. Also the product has to be engineered first.......

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It has nothing to do with the manufactures (kaw, Suz, Yam)....

Those manufactures send out "test" bikes to let the aftermarket companies get to use it to make their parts.

But they also take into consideration the "supply n demand" factor.

What is your bike?

If its not one of the hot bikes out... you'll have to wait longer!

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it also depends on if your bike is a First Gen or not... first generations take longer as they have to start from scrach... they can't just Retro fit something...

but like GMan asked what kind of bike? is it the Z750 in your avatar?
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