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New bill being passed?

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I just heard on the news that they are trying to push a bill through congress to make anitfreeze taste bad.

Apparently the antifreeze that you put in your automobiles/bikes tastes good and people drink it although it's poisonous. Last time I checked, ain't meth made from them?

Wait, wait, I just heard where it originated. Arkansas! Sheesh... But they said that the Antifreeze companies are behind it to make it taste bitter as opposed to sweet. DUH! Just freaking put something else in it to make it taste bad, why you need a bill/law for this?
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Snakemann, don't you remember the chick they called the Black Widow in Daytona killed 2 of her husbands by putting antifreeze in their beer? If started with small doses and increased progressively, It makes the victim appear to suffer from mental illness like in dementia. The victims appears confused, and wandering and babbling. The cause of death is usually kidney or liver failure. If given over a period of time, 2 to 3 years, when death occurs, doctors/ME usually attribute it to natural causes and rarely look for poison at autopsy
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