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It seems after the cinematic pieces of crap known as Biker Boyz and Torque came out that there is a sudden growth in squidliness. I'm talking about the guys on crotch rockets that are wearing tank tops and bandanas, but they have their helmets hanging off the sides of the bike. The helmets are there just in case they need to put them on in a hurry I guess. lol

I don't know if I brought this up on this forum before, but it's just truly fascinating to me. Is this a new thing, or am I just now noticing it? Typically they have chrome and all kinds of crap all over their bikes, which is fine, and most of the time it looks good. But the fact that they ride around w/ their helmets hanging off the bike and with no protective gear what-so-ever just makes them the kings of all squids. "I can afford a helmet with a cool paint job, but I'm too cool to wear it." WTF?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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