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New guy here from colorado.

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Just wanted to say whats up and see if there was anyother CO riders on this board. Lets hear from yeah.
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yeah i found that after i posted here. but i used that too.
I have heard of cosportbike club but never riddin with them before. I actually work in Golden really close to lookout mountain. I havnt takin the bike up there yet maybe i will tomorrow if the wind dies down. Do u think there is going to be alot of gravel on the roads up there with the recent snow?
about 80% of it me and my old man did. I bought it already painted, we rebuilt the motor, did the interior (but im already taring that out to get some custom leather done) new inner finders in the engine bay, basicly rebuilt the 12 bolt, put the drop springs in it....
LMAO yeah my buddy posted them up on the gallery. im not really sure why he put that picture in there.

No worries did u ride lookout mountain today?
Yeah im cool with meetin up sometime and ridding. Sundays are best for me being i work alot of saturdays during the summer.
Thanks for the reminder i almost forgot about it. I talked to one of my buddies earler today and we are going to head down for sure but we wont be able to make it untill sunday though.
1 - 8 of 21 Posts
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