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New helmet for me.... need opinions

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Well since my HJC has fulfilled it's purpose in life, and saved mine in a crash, it must be retired to helmet heaven (or the insurance company rather, so I can get $$$ for it), so it's time to replace it. Though I did like the HJC, it did have a few annoyances that I'd like to try and get rid of, so I thought I'd try something else. I've looked at quite a few and I can't seem to find a whole lot in red/black with decent graphics that I like, but this one really caught my eye

AGV Ti-Tech....

Honest opinions welcome... yay or nay?? Haven't decided for sure on anything yet, but put this one into serious consideration
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Very sweet helmet...Id definitely get that Ti Tech :dthumb: ; its supposed to be one of the lightest out..only second to the vemar carbon. :dthumb: Have u looked at Suomy? Suomy makes some of the sweetest looking helmets...

I just ordered the Z1R strike blade (blue) it's supposed to be the best rated (based on that "Blowing the lid off" MC article).. so thought Id give it a was only 89.00 bucks :lol: If i dont like it I'm gonna eventually get the Blue Ti tech.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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