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New info I found

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Reading about crashes on the net and found this info.

Percent crashes by weather:

3.2 durning snow
16.6 while raining
2.1 with fog
78.0 on a clear day

Percent on road condition:

1.4 on ice
2.3 in snow
25.1 while wet
71.1 on a dry surface

Wow. You would think it would be higher numbers on the worse days and not the clearest and the dryest. :confused:
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makes more sense than you might first think..when its a nice day, you tend to ride with alittle more "confidence" on nicer days..therefore opening up more potential options for a bad scenario.
Gas Man said:
I agree with ya Matt. But I think you guys are forgeting the number one factor. WAY MORE PEOPLE RIDING ON NICE CLEAR DAYS!!

Just a thought!

Good point as well!, that just might have something to do with it too :thumbs:
double2000r6 said:
Well I was thinking about this today just before on a 75 and sunny beautiful day here in Michigan I low sided my bike due to my dumbass, too much gas, cold wet turns in a turn. Bounce it off the left side, onto the right, back to the left. Just when Summer started here in Michigan too. :upset:

Well I guess its off to Ebay, the junkyard and time to start wrenching on the bike again. At least there were no witnesses and the only thing hurt was my pride and the bike.
Ah damn!! that really sux MP...glad ur ok though..sorry if I jinxed ya :rolleyes:
yeah, we've all been there before, in one way or another..riding can be a great way to vent your frustration, and/or just relax after a long week..but unfortunately shiet happens sometimes...good vibes out to ya dude! :yesnod:
Aaron said:
statically, snow biking is safest, lol :bonk:
I've never done that...but looks like it'd a blast if I could try it someday!
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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