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New JR pants for me !!

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Thanks ebay !!!!! :cheers:
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How much man? I was looking at getting like a pair of pants that'll like go over a pair of jeans or slacks so when I ride to work I can just put them on and not have to worry about dirt/grease or nothing like that.

Good idea? Bad idea? Recommendations?
bumblebee said:
Good buy!!! I looked at those and they are sharp...I got a deal on these Icon Recon5 from Bob's cycle supply...It was an e-mail special for 59.99 + SH...I haven't received them yet, I'll let you know
Those pants are nice. How's the padding in 'em? I like the JR ones too. Geez, all the gear is a hard decision... :scratch:
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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