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New JR pants for me !!

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Thanks ebay !!!!! :cheers:
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80.00... the pants sat at 61.00 right up until I put in a max bid of 80.00 and swiped them right out from under him.. w/ just a dollar to spare.. his reserve was set at 79.00!! :twisted:

I like the mesh/textile gear. It's vented enough to keep you from sweating to death but still offers decent proctection for ya. Yeah, you could definately do that w/ these pants, ride to work or wherever in them, and they're pretty light as well.
JR, stage 1 grey... yeah, they may be alittle warm, but no worse than jeans, and atleast offer lots better protection :yesnod:
jeeps84 said:
:iagree: I got them big enough to wear jeans under but, I wear shorts under mine when its hot.
Thats what I did.. I got them a size bigger as well. I cant wait to get them. I was looking at a pair of draggin jeans as well, but after these and getting new boots in a couple weeks, that'll tap out my gear budget for alittle while.

Ive got some knee pads, I'll just strap em on so I can go knee draggin too! :lol:
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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