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New Michigan Law bans sale of Sudafed to minors

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LANSING -- People who want to buy Sudafed and other cold medicines will have to prove they are at least 18 when a new law intended to crack down on methamphetamine production takes effect in December.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed a law Wednesday that requires customers to show photo identification before buying some cold and flu medicines. It is aimed at restricting pseudoephedrine or ephedrine, the key ingredient to make methamphetamine, commonly known as meth.

Beginning Dec. 15, anyone under 18 will be prohibited from buying products with pseudoephedrine or ephedrine as the sole active ingredient. The law also will limit adult customers to two packages, or a maximum 48 tablets or capsules, in a single transaction.

Stores that do not keep the restricted drugs behind the counter or in a locked case will have to keep a log of every buyer's name and date of birth. Medicines kept on regular store shelves will need to be equipped with an antitheft device and be monitored by video.

The law will not apply to products intended for children under age 12, some liquid medicines if pseudoephedrine is not the only active ingredient and those products that have been prescribed.

"These bills place commonsense limits on the ingredients needed to produce this highly addictive illegal drug," Granholm said in a news release.

The legislation -- sponsored by Sen. Patricia Birkholz, R-Saugatuck Township, and Rep. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge -- received overwhelming support in the Legislature. Several other states have restricted access to cold medicines, either by allowing only pharmacies to sell drugs with pseudoephedrine or making retailers lock up the products or sell them from staffed counters.

The number of illegal meth labs has jumped significantly in recent years. The Michigan State Police reported that 18 meth labs were seized in 1999. That number grew to 209 in 2004. This year, 120 labs have been identified and busted.

Chronic abuse of methamphetamines can lead to psychotic behavior, including intense paranoia and hallucinations. The chemicals used to make it are explosive and toxic and can harm the environment.
What the crap is with this?
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Gas Man said:
I know but imagine you are 17 and a clean HS student with a really bad cold... go to the store to buy some day quill and crap. And they say "NO"... that blows! So because some F'in smack/crack/meth adadict can't keep their crap together the general people take up the slack.

Dont' like that angle of bit chin...try this one on for size... This don't help at all the over 18 people that are meth heads! And I'm sure that there are ALOT more over 18 then under! So what's next you have to 21 to by medicine for a F'in cold!! COME ON!

:iagree: In addition, how effective will this really be in detering the underaged. Are they really going out buying this stuff regularly? I have two kids that require some form of OTC medicine to counteract their colds/ear infections/allergies etc.. My wife and I are purchasing these medicines which is probably true for most households. Unlike many households, my wife and I keep all medication in a secure location to prevent accidental/intentional occurances. I think the responsibility should be that of the parent(s), period.
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