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New Riding Gear

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I just got this from my GF
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hmmmm, maybe I am just not riding my bike the right way or something because I am no where near the point of giving up the pink for a bike. LOL!
katanapilot said:
How did my therad shirt turn in to giving up pinks and engagement rings? I mean why every one raining on my parade?

BTW ms thing, what if the ring was 20 dollar walmart ring with a key chain of a bike key for a 0 miles 2006 GIX 600 black/grey then what?
HMMM silence?
I was responding to Jeeps trying to choose between a girl and a bike. That is where the pink came from.
ebbs15 said:
LOL... not giving up the pink... just that perticular one... :runaway:
What do you think the pink is? You don't use the runaway smiley for the pink unless you are brokeback material.
ebbs15 said:
no I was :runaway: from the wrath of the female riders on here :lol:
LOL, yeah I am glad someone I know doesn't read this board...if she did, this smiley would come in handy for her
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1 - 4 of 45 Posts
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