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New Riding Gear

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I just got this from my GF
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jeeps84 said:
:withstupi Lets see. Women or bike? Women or bike? Better not make me choice because its been tried before and the women didn't like the out come.:whistle:
besides... your bike will always help you get MORE WOMEN... women never help you get another bike!
VolEngineer said:
hmmmm, maybe I am just not riding my bike the right way or something because I am no where near the point of giving up the pink for a bike. LOL!
LOL... not giving up the pink... just that perticular one... :runaway:
Suzuk1Girl said:
aww damn! but i gotta weigh the good and bad

one hand I get a pretty ring 6k maybe
the other hand I get a new bike 8k

hmmm bike.. ring..... BIKE! :lol: :lol: :lol:
I dunno... if a girl makes that choice... she may just get the ring anyways!:lol:
VolEngineer said:
What do you think the pink is? You don't use the runaway smiley for the pink unless you are brokeback material.
no I was :runaway: from the wrath of the female riders on here :lol:
VolEngineer said:
LOL, yeah I am glad someone I know doesn't read this board...if she did, this smiley would come in handy for her
hence the :runaway: :lol: ok.. :jacked: over
katanapilot said:
I got that feelin
:sorry: bout jack'n your thread:bash:
1 - 6 of 45 Posts
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