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new spark plugs?

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How often do you change your plugs? I usually change mine every year but my mates only change them every other year. I do notice that when removed they don't look that bad

:help: :dthumb:
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I too do as you do... change them every year... it gives me piece of mind that they won't give me any trouble later in the year.

Mine as well, don't show that much. Usually just a little black but not enought to be considered major carbon build up...

Great thread too! :dthumb:
I normally agree SV...but the real question is "Do we have to?"

I know a few guys that haven't changed theirs and their bikes are like 4 years old with 10K on em...
I usually say the same thing but generally if I pull a plug I always change it.... just wondering if it's REALLY nessicary...
I run NGK Iridiums in my 9R... they mis fire less and burn better!
jeeps84 said:
and about $7 a piece. :cursin:
Yes they are... at LEAST! But they are very nice!!!
My POV has always been this... if I'm going to pull them out... I'll replace them... piece of mind!
1 - 6 of 32 Posts
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