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new spark plugs?

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How often do you change your plugs? I usually change mine every year but my mates only change them every other year. I do notice that when removed they don't look that bad

:help: :dthumb:
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I change mine every year. I think most manufactures recommend changing the plugs around 15k.
MotoGP said:
my buddy uses platinum plugs r they any better
Of course they are! They cost more don't they. :lol:
Gas Man said:
I run NGK Iridiums in my 9R... they mis fire less and burn better!
and about $7 a piece. :cursin:
oldetymebiker said:
I'm not sure of it, but the plug shown is a special radial discharge plug with no side electrode, specially made for engines with shaved heads and narrow squish areas. It has no side electrode, to keep valves and pistons from hitting it.
are they worth that kind of cabbage?:scratch: :crazy:
That's what I was thinking. I imagine they would be priceless if you needed them. Aren't there cheaper alternatives?
Gas Man said:
My POV has always been this... if I'm going to pull them out... I'll replace them... piece of mind!
:iagree: its not that expensive.
1 - 6 of 32 Posts
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