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new spark plugs?

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How often do you change your plugs? I usually change mine every year but my mates only change them every other year. I do notice that when removed they don't look that bad

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You should change them once a year..but I haven't mine runs so well, and last time I pulled them out they still looked great. Same NGK plugs from November 2003 with about 15,000 miles on them.
Gas Man said:
I normally agree SV...but the real question is "Do we have to?"

I know a few guys that haven't changed theirs and their bikes are like 4 years old with 10K on em...
If it runs great and the plugs are still in excellent shape why mess with it I guess.
:wtf: :doh: Dumb @ss me bought new NGK CR7E plugs hopeing it would fix my bike last thurdsay...well it didn't so now I have 2 brand new plugs with about 30 seconds of fire on them...and I have no use for them....I also wasted $11.00 on a gasket for the stator cover...
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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