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New Speed Channel Reality Show

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For all you tried and true bikers or wanna-bes, get ready for the ride of your life! Veteran custom bike builder Rick Fairless and his popular Dallas biker bar and dealership Strokers will be the main attraction for a new entertainment reality mini-series by SPEED Channel that will cruise to the airwaves this February.

This is going to be a motorcycle show like no other," said SPEED Channel VP of Programming Robert Ecker. "Rick and Strokers are authentic originals and the show that bears these names will be, too. Rick has not gotten where he is by playing it safe and being complacent; this program will reflect his daring, his one-of-a-kind personality and his off-beat, edgy sense of humor. We intend to take everyone's notion of so-called 'reality shows' and spin it into something entirely new and unexpected.

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Why cant they make a day to day series about sportbike customizers too ?? :bash:
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It will probably appeal more to those "bikers" my age that are two fat to tuck their bellies in behind a sportbike fairing! I have a feeling it will be geared for those Captains of the lane-hogging yacht anchors. Hey jetski! get ready to set the Tivo!!
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