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new to site Harrisburg. pa

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new to site, and trying to find ppl from Harrisburg pa :cheers:
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Hello and welcome to TWF. :dthumb:
zx636r said:
yeah def. i actually live in tower city which is about 45 min northeast of harrisburg but i work down in mechanicsburg.

Cool. We'll all have to go riding as soon as its warm again. :dthumb:
bumblebee said:
If you are not too old and feeble!! :lol:

Hey now. I'm not that old. Remember....N4S is older then me. :lol: Don't tell him I said that. :thumbs:
30 this year. N4S is 33. And you??
zx636r said:
funny thing is that your as old as my stepfather, i think he is like 31. he went out ans bought a zx12r wehn i bought mine. so in my book ur still way young

LOL He said you were older then his step-father. :lol: :lol:
zx636r said:
ok nevermind the whole older thing, im officially lost

LOl Don't worry. I just like to bust on N4S and his age. 29... :lol:
First zx636r...don't listen to 3boyzNabike...she doesnt know what shes talking about. LOL

Me and N4S work for SusCom. Its a internet/cable tv provider. We work in the tech support department.

I ride a 2000 GSXR750 and N4S rides a 2000 750 Kat.
3BoyzNaBike said:
:rofl: Oh you poor, poor thing you!!! :lol:

LOL I am far from normal. :lol:
Need4Speed750 said:
so thats what happened to me .. its ur fault then!! :lol:

Hehehehe :lol:
Need4Speed750 said:
dont mind her.. DJ just hasnt had a chance to put his foot down at home tonite yet!!
:lol: :lol:

Thanks N4S...she better just wait till I get there tonight. :lol: :dthumb:
Gas Man said:
Welcome...don't mind N4S and/or DJ! They have nothing else better to do but to :whore: :lol:

zx636r....he might be right about that. But look at his post count and see who is trying to catch up. LOL

Like I told DJ many times...... You may wear the pants in the family but *I* pick them out!!
And I thank you for helping me out. LOL :lol:
Gas Man said:
I gave up trying to catch you 2 a LOOOONNNGGGGG time ago...

LOL I didn't take you as a person who quits so easily. :lol: :dthumb:
3BoyzNaBike...that can work.

bumblebee...thats not a :jacked: , thats a plan. :lol:

Gas Man...Twisty is a bit behind. But I know he will say something.

Captain Morgan...Don't worry. I will be back there as well. :dthumb:
1 - 13 of 56 Posts
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