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new to site Harrisburg. pa

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new to site, and trying to find ppl from Harrisburg pa :cheers:
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yeah def. i actually live in tower city which is about 45 min northeast of harrisburg but i work down in mechanicsburg.
how old are you ppl.
and me 20 lol. yeah 20 and no im not into trying to die at a young age by doing wheelies on the highway and shiz. would be nice to ride with older ppl to learn.
funny thing is that your as old as my stepfather, i think he is like 31. he went out ans bought a zx12r wehn i bought mine. so in my book ur still way young
ok nevermind the whole older thing, im officially lost
ok i looked at ur profiles n4s is that a pictur of you in there, you look a little pshyco. and gsxr750 where do you work i seen the IT job and was just wandering thats what i have a degree in.

what does everyone ride. and i do mean bike
man must be nice. this new place (intellimark) that i work at no one here rides. my last job i got 2 other ppl to buy bikes after i got mine. i have been having trouble finding ppl that ride in the area. it the job pays good i want one :here:
WOW to 3boyznabike
Aggroton said:
sorry if this has been stated already but....

do you ever take rt.325 that has to be one of my favorite pa rodes of all time...down past the resivoir...on a clear day you can really get moving...
lol i drive that road everyday to work. but becasue is so straight it casues me flat spot on the tire which sorta sucks but its an awsome ride, next time you come up, send me a pm, i live like 2 sec off that road once you get into Tower city.
and again What kinda bike you ride, i see bikes on my way down Rt. 15 everyday on my way to work.
it was born b4 i was
i get the award for biggest IM NEW HERE thread.
1 - 12 of 56 Posts
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