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newbie here

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hello. just registered. this is an awesome place. :dthumb:
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here is a pic of my car and my bike

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SVupON1 said:
:welcome: SperosSV650 stick around this :twfrox: Post up more often.
Ahhh my SV looked like that at one time when it was its in pieces :lol:

so does anyone know where i can get a holeshot or yoshimura exhaust for cheap
SVupON1 said:
:welcome: SperosSV650 stick around this :twfrox: Post up more often.
Ahhh my SV looked like that at one time when it was its in pieces :lol:
ive go to fix a few things now. cause i dropped it yesterday :cry:
SVupON1 said:
I am selling my Full Yoshimura race exhaust for $350.00, a guy is almost ready to buy but it's been dragging out for a week now...I know he works alot or something but I don't have any money from him it's still for sale.
there cheaper than that brand new arent they
btw how long are you on everyday. you seem to be on a ton
SVupON1 said:
:lol: I am on all day long...I just moved to PA and I don't know anyone here...I've been here in PA for about 5 months and I still don't know anyone. At this rate I won't meet anyone if I just sit here all day and night :whore: ing :lol:

so would you be willing to take payments for that exhaust seeing as im strapped for cash.
SVupON1 said:
ahh I can't do that one..I need to get my SV paid off real quick.
Oh and I like you sig lil pup walking the gixxer :lol:

how fast do you need to get it paid off
SVupON1 said:
Well I've got $1700.00 left on the loan...however I have a guy buying the fox racing shock monday., and I am still waiting on a major sale hopefull this weekend. I am hoping to have it paid off by the end of October, which I think it will be paid off well within this month.
I would like to buy a 04 R6 or 04 GSXR this winter with 2k-5k miles on it in mint condition.
well what if i gave you 100 a month
SVupON1 said:
Well the Yoshi Exhaust just got sold to that guy I've been dealing with for the past week. It went for $388.00 with shipping included.
good for you. dude your allways on. :wink: get a life :dthumb: jk
Earlzach said:

:welcome: Glad to see another Eagles fan. I dont feel so alone anymore. :lol:
Anyhow. Good luck with the bike repair.
SVupON1 said:
:D :rofl3: :rofl3: :rofl3: Well I am running an online used parts business here I have to be here for my buying customers. :dthumb:
customers always come first
do you happen to have a speedometer and a rear rim
if you have the shifter, post pics of it and how much do you want for it
SVupON1 said:
Depending on the status of this guy is a pic of the shifter with connection rod. I am asking $60.00 for it which is way cheaper than you will find it on ebay for. I am most likely going to be adding alot more parts and pics to my sale page. But here ya go.
the only part i need is the top part. but for that much money ill just use my temp.
SVupON1 said:
So all you need is the rubber piece that touches your toe....ahh hell throw some e-tape on that, and you'll be ok!
no i need that and the aluminum part that it connects to also. but i dont need it for a while. the thing i made works just fine
1 - 17 of 36 Posts
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