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Newbie on the forum...

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Hi everyone. I'm not new to motorcycles (rode a 750 Nighthawk last), but its been about 8 years. I'm looking for a bike for a quick blast around town in good weather and then back in the garage. Mostly I'm looking for a 0-60, 0-100 kind of bike (get the "need for speed" out). I'm not going to race at the speedway or use the foot pontoon method on takeoffs, but want a bike an intermediate skill rider could get the better times out of....
I'm thinking either a Honda 919 or Hayabusa (or ???).
I know, big difference, but can the Busa put it down without being wheel up to a hundred...?
TIA for any comments and your experience.
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Welcome to the site! :twfrox: The Busa should certainly fill your need for speed.
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