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Next Ten Commandments Battle Brewing...

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Judge Wears Robe With Biblican Rules On It

Dec 27, 2004 9:37 am US/Central
ALABAMA (AP) Another Alabama judge could be at the center of the next Ten Commandments battle. Covington County
Circuit Judge Ashley McCathan wears a robe in court embroidered with the Biblical rules.

Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore lost his job over a fight to keep a Ten Commandments monument in the Alabama Judicial building.

Now Judge McCathan's decision could bring another court challenge to the southern state.

But legal experts say the fact that the words are on a garment is a big difference in the two cases.

One of Moore's former lawyers says that shows it is a personal statement. McCathan started wearing the Ten Commandments robe during court proceedings earlier this month.
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Ya know I'm getting sick of these liberal F~cks!! :rant: This F'in country was built by Christians. Then you get all these other POS' coming over here and "they don't like all the GOD and Jesus" statement!!! Well go F yourself!!! :cursin: If you don't like it, go back to the whole you came from!!!! :rant: :pat: I'm sick of this crap!! The word GOD is in everything in the gov't. Our money, our under oath, and many other things!!! :pat: F them!!!!
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