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NFL season kicks off...

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anyone watching the patriots-raiders game right now? if you are, you are wasting your time, the patriots are obviously gonna win. :wink: they haven't kicked off yet, just my prediction.
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Raider 7 Patriots 0

Sorry for your luck. Tom Brady and the assclown patriots are going down.. this is the new rivalry in the NFL and with the Raiders retooled and Patriots detooled there is no other way it could go.. Ok so it sounded good.. of course I would love to see the Raiders SMACK down the Pats but you can't mess with the "dynasty" blah blah blah.. who cares - most of my fantasy team on WOS is Patriots so if they do well that is fine by me..
GsxrJack said:
7-3 now and the pats are just warming up...redsox are down 3-0 right now....great night sox and pats woooooot :cheers:
you're not one of those sheep loving pats fans are you? well at least you live on the east coast and are not some yahoo from Michigan claiming "you have always been" a Pats fan - yeah what since they won their second superbowl? MFP.. i will give you a pass jack because you are cool..
GsxrJack said:
well since i grew up just outside of boston, ive been a pats fan for many many years :cheers: :cheers:

and pats are up 23-14 :cheers:
yes the raiders have imploded.. kerry collins sucks.. like i said randy moss will be the eunich of the raiders - as useful as the man left on a planet of women and you are impotent.. if the crackhead collins can't get the ball to him not much use old dandy randy will be.. did i mention i can't stand grandstanding randy moss? he is a punk and always will be.. disgrace to the raiders..
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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