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Nice belly button shot

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Don't you fellas just love it when a woman shows off her belly button?
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HOLY S**T. WHAT WAS THAT? :disapp: :disapp: :disapp:
neebelung said:
I believe it was motivation to hit the gym. :yikes:

When you get that fat a trip to the gym may end it all. Lyposuction....
Gonna need a couple 55 gallon drums for that job.
Yep, she would make a plastic surgeon a wealthly man.How do you let yourself get so fat? I mean I would like to think that If i got on a scale and it said 300. i would at least go on a diet, not just say F*** it, wheres the chocolate
neebelung said:
:lol: I meant it's motivation for the REST of us to hit the gym (so we don't end up lookin' like that!)

Oh.. gotacha... :dthumb:
2FURYUS said:
:crazy: :lol: Sure that's not a baby ready to drop??

I think its more like a "litter"
1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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