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Nicky Hayden

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I remember a while back we were talking about the new RC51 and its new price. And besides its new stickers it had the shifting backwards.

As I am riding and I get up on it, I think of how easier it would be to have it set up as he has his. One up and 5 down. Seems as it would be better then putting your foot under the shifter and having it on top of it.

If I were to get this done to my bike. How much is something like this and how easy is it to convert it to that??? :)
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On many bikes it is just a matter of flipping the linkage on the shift shaft. You need to check clearances and make sure it doesn't rub, but it is usually pretty straight forward. On some bikes you will need a custom linkage (R1 comes to mind) in which case there is usually something aftermarket available.

Cool Larry thanks. I have a gsxr 750. Do you know off the top of your head if it is pretty easy for it then?? :)
If your GSXR already uses heim joints for the shifter, it would be quite easy to reverse it like Larry says. Study the linkage and see how it would be moved top to bottom, or bottom to top, to reverse the action.
and once you switch it don't forget you did it. Might be hard to break the habit of putting the foot under the shifter and you'll end up with a highspeed downshift and then you're in trouble!!
common sense makes you believe down shifting when you wanna go faster would be better, less movement of the knee, saves time, etc. but geez,. that would take some serious gettin used to...its a wonder bikes dont ever go to this outta the factory..maybe some day I guess.

can you special order one like this from the factory?
Be careful, I can see where you could really get confused in an emergency situation.
GSXR750DJ said:
Cool Larry thanks. I have a gsxr 750. Do you know off the top of your head if it is pretty easy for it then?? :)
IIRC, the GSXR's are pretty easy, but I'd need to look at one again to be sure.

Also, pay close attention to the warnings from these guys, they are right. I remember years ago during one of Sportrider's UFO contests where Nick Ienatch (SP?) completely wrote-off a bike (and nearly himself) when he shifted the wrong way at very high speeds.

rule of thumb..if it aint broke..dont fix it...

just my :2cents: on it...unless ur on the track on a regular basis, I dont see the need for it really...especially the risk factor, when u've been something a certain way ur whole life, then u go and change..instinct will try and kick in, in an emergency situation, and it could lead to disaster.. :eek:

cant have dj getting off'd or anything!!
In the 70's we would switch around each other's bikes a lot. We would always tell the other rider what the shifting pattern was (one down, four up, etc.). My friend had a late 60's or early 70's Norton 750. Black and beautiful. Used to street-race it with my Suzuki GT 750. Only rode his once, but it had the shifter on the right, and I'm pretty sure the shift pattern was one up and three down. If you know of anyone who has the old English bikes and will let you ride it, see if you like it.
here is an example of what needs to be done. It's simple on GSXR's simply loosen the pinch bolt and rotate the arm just enough to where you will have a positive shift without any binding.
I still wouldn't recomend it! In a emergency or tight corner I'd hate to see somebody bite the pavement because of something so stupid!!
Yes i would'nt recommend it either. An airshifter would be better but.. if he's gonna do it i would rather help him to see that it is done right than to leave him guessing and possibly doing it wrong. I know sometimes a visual can help in understanding instructions which is why i took the pic.
Thank you all for the great info. I am going to keep it the it is now. :dthumb:
definately a good idea..cant lose my riding partner!
Need4Speed750 said:
definately a good idea..cant lose my riding partner!

:dthumb: True that.
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