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Ninja 250r..?

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i'm a big guy, like 280+. do you think a 250 could haul me around? i just need a commuter bike that i can drive on the slab every now and then. i need to upgrade from my scooter, and i want to do it pretty cheaply. there's a kawi dealer in the boro and i want something economical (price, gas, insurance, etc.).
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VolEngineer said:
You are considering every bike ever made aren't you biscuit. LOL.
I know EXACTLY how he feels. Im thinking about all the bikes i considered:
kawasaki 650r
honda 600f4i
yamaha r6
yamaha fz6
suzuki sv650
ducati monster
buell firebolt
ninja 500

before getting my sv1000s
jeeps84 said:
You need to explain how you ended up with a 1000 cc bike so biscuit understands.

Good point...
the SV1000s probably isnt the best first bike to get. It has a lotta horsepower and torque which may be difficult to control when you start out riding for the first time. I got the bike because i placed a (low) bid on it on ebay and it happened to win.

If I had a 2nd chance, based on the common logic of many experienced riders, I would have stuck with getting the Kawi 650r or the suzuki sv650. V-twin engine (from what i understand) dont require the high rpms to get the bike moving.

Hope this helps!
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