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Ninja 250r..?

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i'm a big guy, like 280+. do you think a 250 could haul me around? i just need a commuter bike that i can drive on the slab every now and then. i need to upgrade from my scooter, and i want to do it pretty cheaply. there's a kawi dealer in the boro and i want something economical (price, gas, insurance, etc.).
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try a 500, just a little bit more on the price, not that either one is a dent on teh wallet, but the 500 has more "ass" if you can call it that
jeeps84 said:
You need to explain how you ended up with a 1000 cc bike so biscuit understands.

your list looks like that game from preachool were you have to match the diffrent shaped pegs to the matching hole, and you obviously failed that test :cheers: :cheers: :lol: :whistle:
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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