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Ninja 250r..?

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i'm a big guy, like 280+. do you think a 250 could haul me around? i just need a commuter bike that i can drive on the slab every now and then. i need to upgrade from my scooter, and i want to do it pretty cheaply. there's a kawi dealer in the boro and i want something economical (price, gas, insurance, etc.).
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drewpy said:
try a 500, just a little bit more on the price, not that either one is a dent on teh wallet, but the 500 has more "ass" if you can call it that
:iagree: Not sure what your budget is but I think a Ducati Monster would make a nice commuter and there are plenty out there.
jeeps84 said:
:iagree: if you can afford them.
A brand new monster 620 msrp @ $6595. Despite being 618cc, it's a lot more forgiving and more comfortable compared to any sport bikes (not to mention that you get extra style points for rolling in a Duc :lol: ). I've seen plenty of 2000+ models selling around $4-5k here in California. It has got to be cheaper over in east coast where it's not riding season all year long.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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