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Ninja 250r..?

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i'm a big guy, like 280+. do you think a 250 could haul me around? i just need a commuter bike that i can drive on the slab every now and then. i need to upgrade from my scooter, and i want to do it pretty cheaply. there's a kawi dealer in the boro and i want something economical (price, gas, insurance, etc.).
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i don't really like the styling of the Duc Monster 620... maybe it's just me :disapp:
At 280, you would look downright silly on a 250. And as for new bikes for a big guy, you are almost out of luck. Except for sport/touring bikes, all new sport bikes have been shrunk down, so pretty much nothing will fit you.

Here's what you should be looking for in your area: 1993-97 Honda VFR 750. The best all-around, do everything motorcycle. It was probably owned by an enthusiast so just look for a clean one. The 1990 and on Honda CBR 1000F, Kawasaki ZX11, and Yamaha FJ1200 are big, heavy, friendly, but fast motorcycles and cost around $3K. You will fit on them, but they are deceptively fast and may be too much for a beginner. But first, go sit on a VFR and see how it fits. That would be a great bike.
Suggestion, stay far away from a 250. I'm 5'2 and own one myself. I feel like it's too small for me, I'm wanting to upgrade. I wouldn't even go with the 500. For your size, you'de be better off with a 600 of some sort. If price is a subject, go for something like an Sv 650, they aren't classified as super sport when it comes to insurance.:wink:
turst me, now the 250 is not even on my list now
thebiscuit said:
turst me, now the 250 is not even on my list now
dude, i bought a 250 ninja for my gf. I rode it more than she did. Actually, we rode double on it. it's a fun bike to get around town on. if you can find an fzr 400, that would do you even better. but it's probably extinct by now.

since the 250 is off your list, what are you planning on getting?


I forgot to mention. Jumping from a scooter to a ninja 250 is a noticeable change in handling and speed. You will enjoy the 250. Please don't feel pressured to get a larger displacement motorcycle from what others have posted. Ninja 250's have a personality that seems to fit yours...
Anyone that laffs at smaller bikes are the ones that blend into the crowd of same bike, same dude syndrome. I suggested an fzr400 for the sake of being one out of the crowd (fzr400's also lack power but looks kickass)
:iagree: Nothing wrong with a 250.
I think he is leaning towards something along the lines of a SV.
Still a good choice. Especially for a big guy just starting.:2cents:
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