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Not all Unions bad

2156 Views 34 Replies 11 Participants Last post by  jeeps84 over 1400 volunteer California RN's ready to go down south :cheers: They do accept donations as costs over $1400 week, airline, motel, food ect to send nurse down south.
Wife leaves Monday on our dime :dthumb:
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You should go with her...I'll bet you could get some time on that trapeeze that swings out of the bar on Rue Bourbon...
Ace said:
:iagree: :withstupi some $$$ should also be spent on English lessons. :dthumb: :lol: Put a strain on my brain with your abbreviated english or whatever it is.

It's that wonderful Kalifornija public school education He received living in the Bay area. After all, have you seen what they pay for housing?...can't be too much intelligent life there... :lol:
OK so someone tell the press...Who is the banned idiot and what got split??
jetskifast said:
Before you guys CONTINUE with your personal attacks AGAIN, ask Shan or mod why they added "split for banned idiot" :dthumb:
Hint :troll: posting other night ;)

There's nothing personal about the attacks Teddy, I don't know you personally, I'm just an equal opportunity just present so many opportunities... :dthumb:
jetskifast said:
Government spending $$Billions on hurricane relief.
Medical personel who volunteer their own time have to pay own way :crazy:
Plane left SFO this morning with 6 MD's and 16 RN's :pat:

That's why it's called volunteering... :scratch: I can remember a few years back when the feds took a buck or two out of my pocket to pay for some damage to Frisco...Y'all ruined a good world series...
1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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