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Not all Unions bad

2156 Views 34 Replies 11 Participants Last post by  jeeps84 over 1400 volunteer California RN's ready to go down south :cheers: They do accept donations as costs over $1400 week, airline, motel, food ect to send nurse down south.
Wife leaves Monday on our dime :dthumb:
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I'm still lost on the title. :scratch:
I think its great that she is helping out. :dthumb:
bumblebee said:
OK so someone tell the press...Who is the banned idiot and what got split??
:iagree: :scratch:
Cant we keep a good subject clean? :disapp:

It does suck that you have to pay out of pocket to help with labor. Can you deduct it from taxes as a donation expense or something?
jetskifast said:
Yes you can deduct on taxs :dthumb:
Point being many volunteers not going because of $$ costs :disapp:
That's understandable.
Maybe you or your friends can sponsor a willing volunteer. :2cents:
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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