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Not all Unions bad

2145 Views 34 Replies 11 Participants Last post by  jeeps84 over 1400 volunteer California RN's ready to go down south :cheers: They do accept donations as costs over $1400 week, airline, motel, food ect to send nurse down south.
Wife leaves Monday on our dime :dthumb:
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Why don't you sponsor another nurse? :scratch: I'm sure they could use the help and obviously you can afford it. :scratch:
"Not all Unions bad..split for banned idiot"

What the hell does your title mean? :scratch:
:scratch: :lol:
jetskifast said:
Before you guys CONTINUE with your personal attacks AGAIN, ask Shan or mod why they added "split for banned idiot" :dthumb:
Hint :troll: posting other night ;)
No personal attack here. I was just curious what the title meant. :scratch: :luck: PS: what's up with all the "coded" typing? For crying out loud just say it.
ShanMan14 said:
We had a spammer that we took care of last week. This thread was hijacked and the title changed. Jetski's original title did not include"..split for banned idiot "
Well, that was a simple description. No "code talk" here. Thanks for the explanation. :cheers:
bumblebee said: just present so many opportunities... :dthumb:
Pigface1 said:
I remember reading something about birds of a feather.. :readng:
:rofl: :screwy:
The Saint said:
Another jetski thread gone to s#!t..... :lol: :lol: :lol:
Seems to be a theme. :lol: :loser: :screwy:
1 - 7 of 35 Posts
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