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Deputy given foot patrol after he criticizes Clarke

A deputy who last week blasted Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. in a union newsletter was reassigned Monday to a one-man foot patrol, with no squad car, in the north side area of Milwaukee where a spate of murders has garnered community attention.

We’ve had over 170 murders in this county in the last 18 months ... and you’re asking me about some deputy’s assignment? Are you kidding

It’s definitely retaliatory. Nobody’s kidding anybody.

Deputy Michael Schuh, a 55-year-old bailiff, was told to take a county bus to and from the neighborhood, contact every home and business, encourage cooperation with police and distribute a Sheriff's Department business card to those he contacts.

"Convince them that we're the good guys/we're on their side and can't succeed without their participation," Schuh was informed in a memo dated Monday from Sheriff's Capt. Eileen T. Richards.

Schuh's newsletter musings questioned Clarke's courage and use of deputies to escort him.

He said that the sheriff's second-in-command, Kevin Carr, explained the new assignment to him Monday. Schuh is an 18-year member of the department.

Schuh was instructed in the memo on how he should start "the new Community Initiative Program for the (Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office)" to help residents take back their neighborhood.

Clarke declined Monday to explain the reassignment or discuss the new program mentioned in the memo. His spokeswoman, Kim Brooks, said department officials involved would not comment either.

In a written statement released Monday night, Clarke wrote that he would assign resources in high-crime areas where they are needed.
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