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Now I know what bumblebee felt like...

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The thread that he put up not too long ago about riding a group of riders that humbled him, etc. Well that was me this weekend. When DJ and I ride together, we know what each other's gonna go, we hang with each other on the straights as well as the twisty's. Ive been riding a long time now, not always sportbikes though, but still, riding nonetheless. This weekend, the WOS guys really showed us alittle thing or two. Dyno,ULOOZ, & Gas Man are some pretty accomplished riders, to say the least. Hittin corners hot left n right, & nearly leaving a vapor trail on the straights! I had a blast, there's no doubt, and I learned alot just riding with them, as well as talking with them. Hearing their stories, talking about WOS, and bikes/riding in general.

I thought of myself as a pretty OK rider, been doing it since I was seventeen, everything from ATC's all the way thru streetbikes. Read as much as I can, and gleen every bit of knowledge from riders as possible.

I'll admit, I definately felt behind the times, for lack of a better term, this weekend. Be humbled can be a interesting experience, to say the least. But thats not too say the WOS guys were anything less than the perfect guests in our town. Very respectful of us, our families, and our town, fun guys to be around, good conversation, and some great riding...btw the weather cooperated nicely this weekend..couldnt ask for anything more.

I know what I gotta do before deals gap this spring/summer for the rally. 1. get set of full leathers & boots; Dyno had a sweet new joe rocket 1 piece suit he broke out this weekend when he got here, and chris was in a rocket jacket/pants. a track day b/4 then, stevenmd, you'll have to hook me up in the spring man! :cool: 3. keep on reading/posting on TWF and pumpin u guys for info on the things I need to work on.'re boys represented in a Stellar manner! You should be proud of em!!!

Thanks again WOS for coming down to visit our area, and for the rides, and great fun that was had this weekend. Wouldnt have changed a thing! :dthumb:
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jeeps84 said:
Hey N4S;
Just remember that you don't have to be the fastest, & and you don't have to drag a knee in the corners.

Don't forget that its just fun.
Your probley no't getting paid to ride!
That's loser talk! lol..

Glad to hear everything went well and no farm animals were impregnated during the WOS trip.. lol..
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