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Now my bike wont stay running

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Not my Kat..but my 83 Maxim..28,000 miles, jet'd to a 900..I've recently changed the oil/filter.

She'll start right up, run fine at an idle, after doing the usual choke for a few minutes. Then after riding for about 30 minutes or so..It heats up so hot, that it just shuts off, and wont start back up until after cooled down. It's got a new battery as well.

It doesnt smell like its burning anymore, like in the previous thread awhile back...but it just wont stay running. It normally runs hot, but not this hot.

Any ideas? Im thinking its something to do with the air filter, but I'll be damned if I can find it on this bike.

Thanks for the help.
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How long has it sat? If it has sat for a while the gas left in the float bowls during storage changes to varnish (gel like substance) and obstructs jets and air/fuel conduits. Requires removal of carbs and thorough cleaning.

The elements of internal combustion engines are: correct fuel/air ratio, spark at right time, adequate cylinder compression.

There are many passageways and openings to check and clean. All are important in function and when obstructed or not working properly, have subtle to radical effects on engine performance. Vacuum leaks and carburetor synchronization also have effects on performance and should be inspected and adjusted.

Also to get it to run at a lower temp. Have you tried Water Wetter? I have some if you want to try it. It will bring down the normal temp your running. It has for my about 10-14 degrees.

About the air filter, well, I'm still looking for that to as where it is. But I'm thinking its in the front. LOL Hope some of this helps and someone else can give more insight to Matt. :thumbs:
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A few more things I found on the net for you about it running hot.

The fuel to air mixture is too lean.
The fuel you are using is of poor quality or not the correct type.
The clutch is slipping.
The combustion chamber and exhaust port need to be decarbonized

Trying to find where the air filter is still. :thumbs:
What me telling you that a poss blocked passage wasn't good enough for you. You needed to hear it from Larryg. I see how you are. See if I ride with you at all this week or next week. LOL Just messing with you. I'll be gone all next week so we won't be able to ride unless you want to go to the beach with me and the family. hehehe
Need4Speed750 said:
bite me :woot: of course I checked into all that when you put it up your post. But you couldnt tell me where the air filter was either, so :toetap: ..just playing w/ ya. Geez, bikes in the shop this week, going away next suck :eek: :(

LOL Just busting your ball$. Yep, I will be gone next week to the beach. Sorry. But when I get back we will have to go ride to make up for past times. LOL I make it sould like I will be gone for a year or so. :D
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