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Now my bike wont stay running

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Not my Kat..but my 83 Maxim..28,000 miles, jet'd to a 900..I've recently changed the oil/filter.

She'll start right up, run fine at an idle, after doing the usual choke for a few minutes. Then after riding for about 30 minutes or so..It heats up so hot, that it just shuts off, and wont start back up until after cooled down. It's got a new battery as well.

It doesnt smell like its burning anymore, like in the previous thread awhile back...but it just wont stay running. It normally runs hot, but not this hot.

Any ideas? Im thinking its something to do with the air filter, but I'll be damned if I can find it on this bike.

Thanks for the help.
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The air filter is under the seat. The Maxim should be air cooled so they tend to produce a lot of heat. However, you would know if it is running hotter than normal. A slight blockage of one of passages could cause you to run lean which will make it run hot.

You could be running hot enough that it is causing one or both of the coils to fail. Then when it cools down the coil will fire again.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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