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OGK Helmets

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Anybody ever used these, or know of anyone thats using one? whatcha think about them?

speedwerks has a special on these per their november newsletter.

Here's the official site for them.. OGK
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The shape and graphics look cool, It looks like they have designed vents to "draw" out the back. The prices aren't out of line considering the features offered like removeable/changeable pads and tear-offs etc. they are worth a look.
NOPE...HJC, SHOEI, ARAI...Nuttin else!!!
Gas Man, if you tried the OGK, you'd say nothing else but OGK. If you guys have some time, read my review. They definitely are not cheap helmets, but they are incredible and we former Arai and Shoei wearers will never wear anything else.
the problem many people are hard core set on "this or that brand" and there are so many lids out there, for a fraction of the cost of the "official brands" and will protect ur melon just as well.

i was a shoei user for years, then CJD bought me a vega 2 years ago, works great..this was one of the lids I was considering when its time for a new lid.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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