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old time slips from the 89' gsxr1100

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found some old time slips from 1992 on my 89gsxr1100 when i first got it in 92' and it was all stock, except for a D&D and a jet would run 10.5's all day long :dthumb:

best on that bike stock was [email protected]

I miss the bikes at the dragstrip... :nonod:

notice my perfect .500 light on the bottom right slip :cheers:

if you cant read it then just make it bigger
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bumblebee said:
It looks like you got killed by the hole shots... :lol: or you just being polite by letting them go first??? :whistle:
nope...anything under .500 is a red light.....also if im up against someone i know i can beat i dont try to cut a fast light, just concentrate on the launch.......if i was going against a zx11 back then, id have to beat him off the line and in 60 feet cause they were faster and if we left together, i lost....made me real good back then cause i never lost to a zx11 :dthumb:
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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